Crypto Price Alerts

be the first to know when to buy and when to sell

Order Now: $10/Year $5 /Year

The transaction fee is included in the price.

Your Activation Key (Order-ID) will be Emailed to you in your payment receipt.


Do I need a Coinbase account to pay?
No, you don't need a Coinbase account to pay, you can pay from any wallet.
Is this lifetime license or do I have to pay Anually?
The License key is valid for 1-year, after 1 year you'll have to renew your license by ordering again, so it's not lifetime license.
Can I use the Key to upgrade the extension on multiple computers?
Yes, you can use the key to upgrade the extension on multiple browsers/computers, you can reuse the same key unlimited number of times with 20 days of waiting period between each activation except for the first two activations when you don't have to wait.
Do yo accept PayPal?
No sorry, only crypto
How long does it take for transaction confirmation?
It's different for each cryptocurrency, for LTC it's around 10 minutes
Why am I not getting the alert sounds?
Please make sure the "Disable notification sound" field is unchecked.
How can I change the alert sounds?
You can change the alert sounds from the extension options page, press the cog icon in the bottom-left corner to get to the options page.